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Updated: May 10

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In honor of Women's HerStory Month, Waters Law Group dedicates our 1st blog post to WOMEN, specifically women who found, run, and manage businesses. We are a woman-owned, experienced, and COMPASSIONATE bankruptcy law firm based in Brooklyn, New York & we are grateful for all the other women-owned businesses that put their hearts into their fields. Thank you! And please, keep going :)

That said, this post is about implementing “feminine sales” strategies in women-owned businesses to reap more benefits for you (profits), and for your clients/customers (better products/services). You may be thinking what is a feminine sale, and you would be reasonable to think that lol. 

There is a HUGE amount of information about owning a business that still hasn't been taught about sales and marketing, including the successful implementation of feminine energies. Feminine energy is MAGNETIZED; a woman's powers lie in her ability to be as "seen" as possible. This attracts clients/customers naturally, without force. On the other hand, masculine (sales) energy is about shoving products and services into people's faces. It's penetrative, tiring and so freakin' old school! It's about pushing things out there as many times as possible and then “playing the odds.” This is a very uncomfortable sales tactic for most intuitive women selling goods or services that are heart-driven. If your business is about building strong alliances with your customers or fostering deep transformation in your clients, a more feminine sales strategy may be for you. 

So what are these feminine sales strategies you say? 

Think of it as a compass guiding you to be open to new ideas, audiences & revenues....

  • In the east is Air Energy where we commit to our vision

  • In the north is Earth Energy where we transact business as love

  • In the west is the water-energy where we are curious and continue to learn as we grow 

  • And in the south is the fire energy where we dance with daily concerns until they dissolve into peace

You can implement these energies in synergy to create more business and more balance in your business by:

  • Embracing AI (artificial intelligence) & other new tools that offer us more freedom 

  • Raising your rates – our products and services are so WORTH IT!

  • Asking for the sale (LITERALLY), but no convincing or persuading!

About the Author

Kiva V. Waters, a seasoned consumer protection lawyer specializing in bankruptcy law, has been dedicated to serving human needs since 2010. Founding WATERS LAW GROUP, her firm addresses bankruptcy-related concerns while also catering to elite leaders, thinkers, and creators.

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