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Updated: May 10

Highrise buildings of banks in NY

Educated consumers and financially literate individuals are aware of the benefits of banking with the right institution.

Bank accounts offer convenience. Bank accounts are safe – insured by the FDIC. Banks make it easier for us to save money. Bank accounts help us get access to credit. But what banks are the best in 2024?

Here goes our list of the best in 2024...

Best Checking Account : SoFi Bank NA $0 monthly fee & $300 direct deposit bonus

Best Savings Account: UFB Direct Secure Savings 5.25% APY & $0 minimum balance

Best Money Market Account: Vio Bank 0.01 minimum balance for 5.30% interest 

Best Credit Union: Alliant Credit Union Easy to join & strong rates

Best Branch Access: Chase Bank $12/month fee waived with direct deposit

The type of bank you choose will impact everything about your financial life from interest you collect to the customer service you receive. Online banking does not work for people that need in person assistance but they usually offer the highest interest rates on your deposited cash. Big banks give less interest but you can get “live” help at a branch when you need it. Smaller, local banks may be the most convenient if you like banking where “everybody knows your name.”

Generally, there are pros & cons to every bank, just like everything in life. Look for banks that charge low or no fees. 

Find a bank that supports YOUR lifestyle. Check out their digital options – do they have an app?

Do your own research before making final choices about where to put your hard earned money in 2024!

About the Author

Kiva V. Waters, a seasoned consumer protection lawyer specializing in bankruptcy law, has been dedicated to serving human needs since 2010. Founding WATERS LAW GROUP, her firm addresses bankruptcy-related concerns while also catering to elite leaders, thinkers, and creators.

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