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Keep Your Assets & Destroy Your Debts 

Feeling overwhelmed by debt? You are NOT alone!

NY Federal Reserve reported household debt hit a new record - $13.86T, including $37B coming from non-household expenses.

Find yourself counting down to pay day?

A Charles Schwab survey found 2/3 of Americans live paycheck to paycheck & can’t cover necessary expenses if something happened on payday.


No more collection calls EVER
No more debt in just 30 days (or less)
700+ Credit Score in just 24 weeks (post-Ch7)

NY Bankruptcy  Attorneys

WATERS LAW GROUP is led by a seasoned consumer protection lawyer practicing bankruptcy law, in the service of human needs, since 2010. WATERS LAW GROUP also serves elite leaders, thinkers and creators.


Our entrepreneurial clients rely on us as a solid second line of offense AND defense.WATERS LAW GROUP is NY's first & only "Head&Heart" law firm. This means we value people over profits.


We handle cases with legal expertise AND a healthy dose of authentic compassion as we are committed to our vision of serving underrepresented people and giving back to communities in need.


You can rest with WLG on your legal team. We've been winning since 2010. 

You make the right decisions with WLG because we explain all your options.

We have many tools in our box. We customize plans that suit the needs of each client.

Wisdom is better than smarts but we have both @WatersLawGroup


You can rely on WLG to get the job done! We've done it already for thousands of New Yorkers just like you!

Waters Law Group exceeds most of our clients' expectations.

You can depend on WLG to answer all of your questions, about everything, big & small.


WLG is NYC's First & only official head and heart law firm. 

This means we use our legal expertise & our love of humanity to win cases.

WLG destroys debt & rebuilds your credit (post-Ch7). That extra effort makes us the best in the consumer protection business.

You want the best, hire Waters Law Group today!

Service Areas


Debt Liquidation

Our team of skilled bankruptcy attorneys is dedicated to assisting individuals in resolving their financial obligations, guiding them through the legal process to achieve a fresh financial start.

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Debt Reorganisation

We specialize in crafting personalized strategies for individuals seeking to restructure their debts, collaborating closely with clients to develop effective plans that allow them to regain control of their finances and negotiate with creditors.

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We form legal entities including LLCs, INCs and NPOs. We take start ups from formation to 100+ transactions in a wide range of industries including sports, entertainment, mental health wellness.

Modern Architecture

LIVING PAYCHECK TO PAYCHECK occurs at all income levels. But you can stop the cycle. Tackling debt is easier with the RIGHT lawyer…



How it Works

Step 1

Schedule a virtual consultation

Scheduling a consultation is easy; we can be reached via email, phone, or chat. All initial consultations are free of charge.

Step 2

Discuss your financial situation with an expert

During your consultation, you’ll speak with one of our expert attorneys, not a paralegal or call center

Step 3

Review all of your financial options

We are bankruptcy attorneys, but bankruptcy isn’t the answer for everyone. We’ll explain every option you have available.


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